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You want better sales.

We all do.

One way to do it is with better book descriptions, ads, and emails.

Improving just one selling aspect of your business creates a domino-effect for your overall sales.

Get more traffic and you’ll get more sales. Get more readers to read your emails and you’ll get more sales. Get more people to click more ads… you get the idea.

What if you improved your descriptions, ads, or emails by 10%? 50%? 100%?

You could double your sales simply by enhancing what you already have in place!


Small Change, High Potential


I know you’re pressed for time. We’ve all been there.

Between the job and your family, you feel like doing much beyond just writing your books ain’t gonna happen.

Besides, writing new descriptions or emails to readers feels like endless work. And isn’t this stuff supposed to be fun?


There’s a Better Way


I’m Bryan Cohen, and I’ve got the simple systems you need to get your selling in shape in less time.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from nearly a decade ghostwriting for major publications and putting out over 30 books of my own and put it into a comprehensive video course.

I’ll show you small changes you can make that will lead to big results.

Oh, and I’ll teach you how to put ’em in place in just 7 days.



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In this course, I walk you through the five key writing elements of your author platform.

Easy-to-follow and easy-to-memorize systems get you better results in less time.

They also boost all your future marketing efforts to build your list or get more sales.

Not a bad way to spend your time.


Imagine the Possibilities


Imagine making a few simple changes to your descriptions and emails and seeing real results on Amazon and beyond.

Better sales mean less time at your job and more time working on your books and hanging out with your family.

Imagine writing high-quality, high-converting descriptions and ads in just minutes.

That means less time on marketing and more time doing what you love: writing.


Your Marketing on Overdrive


Imagine waking up the morning after a major marketing campaign and seeing that satisfying red spike on your KDP sales dashboard.

Your sales rank rocks, trouncing even your highest expectations.

With results like that, you’d no longer have to go hunting for the marketing methods that work.

You could rest easy knowing that all your future marketing efforts would have a natural boost: your improved emails, ads, and sales descriptions.

All you needed to do was put these simple systems in place.

Welcome to Selling for Authors.

Sounds great. I’m in! Skip me to the “Add to Cart” button.


The Selling Mentality

In the first module, you’ll learn how to stop worrying and love the sale. Inside, you’ll find out the three reasons you’re not selling and how to overcome them. I’ve included tips on how to change your mindset for selling and learn successful habits. Lastly, you’ll discover how author copywriting will help boost your business.

Using Sales Copy to Sell More Books

I can’t wait to teach you the five parts of what I call “The Author Copywriting Package” and how to make them sound awesome. Inside, you’ll get the lowdown on where authors use sales copy and how the two author copywriting funnels work to grow your author business. You’ll love this. In this module, you’ll find out how to “set it and forget it” and still get better sales.

Headlines and CTAs

Headlines and calls to action (CTAs) will improve your copywriting by 80 percent with a few key tweaks, so here’s a whole module about them! In this lesson, you’ll learn why headlines and calls to action are so important for author copywriting. You’re also getting the easy-as-pie systems for writing effective headlines and CTAs. There’s a secret ninja trick in this module: Where you can find inspiring headlines without writing a word!

Writing Better Fiction Book Descriptions

In module #4, I’ll teach you about going beyond the synopsis to make your book sound like a must-read. This includes the four parts of a successful book description, the system to simplify every description, and even advanced tips to take your description to the next level!

Nonfiction Descriptions That Sell

Nonfiction authors can play in this sandbox too! Learn how to convince readers that your book is the solution to their problem. You’re going to find out how nonfiction book descriptions differ from fiction descriptions and why showing that you’re an expert is so important. I’ll also teach you how focusing on the benefits can set your book apart.

Review Requests

Do you want to learn how to write an email that will get your book enough reviews to reach the century mark? I thought you might. Inside this module, you’ll discover why reviews are important and where most authors fall short. I’ve also included a system for getting more reviews and writing better emails for review requests. Lastly, you’ll find out the easy way and the hard way to get a lot of reviewers on board.

Automatic Email Marketing, Part 1

We’re getting into the meat and potatoes here! In module #7, I’ll teach you about writing emails that subscribers care about to build stronger relationships. Inside, you’ll find out how to automatically send emails to your new subscribers, the system for writing spectacular and personal emails, and the first three emails you’ll send to connect with your readers.

Automatic Email Marketing, Part 2

Even more about automatic emails! In here, you’ll learn about getting readers on your side for life for reviews, sales, and friendships. I’ve got lessons on how to pitch your non-free books and why a street team is so important and what to say to them. Additionally, I’ll show you how email subscribers can be a great long-term investment.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are all the rage, but how do you write catchier, clickier, more interesting ads? This is the module that shows you how! In module #9, find out how to make sure your ad is written with a goal in mind, a system to write more effective ads, and why you need to test different aspects of ads.

Landing Pages

Module #10 is all about perfecting the place to send your readers for countless fans and followers. Discover exactly how you create a landing page, as well as the simple system for writing landing pages. You’ll also learn what to do with your pages to get new readers to subscribe.


It can be scary taking your new copywriting skills out into the real world, but this module will teach you how to take your elevator pitch to the top floor to make incredible connections. Inside, you’ll discover how a pitch online isn’t much different from a pitch in person. I’ll also use my former career as an actor to teach you how to create and memorize in-person pitches. You’re also getting a seven-step system for developing your author network to the extreme!

The One Week of Copy Blueprint

This is where it all comes together! In the final module, I’ll teach you how to craft your entire Author Copywriting Package in 7 days and transform your author career. In here, we’ll review the five systems for the Author Copywriting Package and how they work together. I’ll then share with you a blueprint you can use to put everything together in just 1 week. You’ll also discover how to supercharge it all through the power of community


  • #1
    Interviews With Steve Scott, Mark Dawson, Nick Stephenson, and Honoree Corder

    Four never-before-heard interviews with master marketers Steve Scott, Mark Dawson, Nick Stephenson, and Honoree Corder give you basic, intermediate, and advanced tips on email marketing, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, and the art of selling.

  • #2
    Monthly Live Q&A Sessions

    I’m giving you Monthly Live Q&A Sessions to walk you through the process of crafting better author copywriting. I’ll tackle any problems you have along the way in these personal, helpful sessions.

  • #3
    Convenient Worksheets and Templates

    Download convenient worksheets for each writing aspect of your author career and top-notch examples to use as a guideline as you follow along in the program.

  • #4
    Comprehensive Tech Guide

    I’ll share my screen with you in a collection of tech walkthrough videos and demonstrate how to set up your emails, ads, landing pages, and more.

  • #5
    Access to Our Private Facebook Group

    You’ll gain access to a private Facebook Group for students only, where you can supercharge your copywriting progress.

  • #6
    The Top 10 Traffic Generator

    You’re also getting my walkthrough of the top 10 ways authors generate traffic for their sales and landing pages.


Who are the authors who will benefit from this course the most?

Authors with a few books out who want to make sure the beginning of their career takes off like a rocket.

Bestselling fiction or nonfiction authors who want to take their sales to the next level.

Authors who are on the cusp of making a full-time living off their book sales who need one last push to get there.

Traditionally-published authors who want to learn how to connect with their existing audiences.

If you're an author who wants to turn a profit, this course will help you get there.

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How Do I Get Started?

Here’s what you have to do to get instant access to the course. Scroll down and click the the Add to Cart button below. Enter your payment information on the following page and wait for your confirmation email. In that email, you’ll receive the username and password for your entry into the Selling for Authors course. Then you can start watching the videos and taking action right away!


And if the methods of Selling for Authors don’t work for you, the course comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked full money back guarantee.



What if I have a question about the Selling for Authors course?

That’s easy. Just email me at and I’ll answer your question as quickly as possible.

Does my payment come with lifetime access?

It does! And since I’m going to keep updating the course with new material, your payment guarantees that you can learn everything else I teach on Selling for Authors for the rest of time.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

It’s self-paced, but I’ve included a blueprint that’ll help you apply everything you’ve learned in a single week! If you’re a quick study, then you could be up and running in as little as two weeks. More methodical learners will need 1-2 months.

If I get stuck on a lesson, what do I do?

Since your payment includes access to the Course Only Facebook Group, you can immediately jump in there to ask any questions. I’m also holding monthly Live Q&A sessions where you can ask me questions about any stumbling blocks you run into along the way.

Will there ever be a "sale price" on this course in the future?

No. In fact, the course price will go up in the future, so it’s best to buy now so that you can get all future updates at this price.

How mobile-friendly is this course platform?

Extremely mobile-friendly! You can watch the videos and download the worksheets on your phone, tablet, or computer. If you’re more of a “paper and pencil” author, you can print out all of the worksheets and slides as well.

How do I know that what you're teaching is current?

The core fundamentals of copywriting don’t actually change much over time. When you learn them, you’ll be able to apply my lessons for decades.

If any aspects of my course do go out of style, then I’ll make sure to update them with new information right away. Ah, the joy of the Internet.

Bryan, this all sounds great, but what if I can't afford your price?

You’ve got to make your own decisions about what’s best for your author career. I’ve priced this under the $997 copywriting courses out there, and a one-on-one version of this course would go well past $2,500.

Fortunately, when you buy this course and apply my teachings, all future marketing you apply to your book is likely to improve. For some authors, even a 5% improvement over a single year might be enough to get a positive return on investment.

Remember, a $4 Starbucks latte a day will run you about $1,460 for the whole year. The only long-term return you get on that is the barista learning your name. I think Selling for Authors is bound to get you more than that!


One-Time Payment

– Save $87 over the Payment Plan
– Instant, complete access to 12 full course modules
– Slides and MP3s of each video
– Worksheets, templates, and bonuses
– All future updates
– Risk-free guarantee

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– Convenient monthly payments
– Instant, complete access to 12 full course modules
– Slides and MP3s of each video
– Worksheets, templates, and bonuses
– All future updates
– Risk-free guarantee

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"Bryan's Selling for Authors course helped me sharpen my copywriting skills, grow my email list, and change my marketing mindset. If you're an abundance-minded authorpreneur who's been waiting to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend this course."

"Through this course, I discovered just how little I knew about marketing and writing sales copy. Selling for Authors built up confidence that I could do this stuff myself. If you like the idea of building your mailing list at all times-not just during a promo-then this course is for you."

"Bryan is a trusted voice in the indie community, and I have been very impressed with his work in writing powerful and persuasive copy. His course is detailed and easy to follow, and I'm happy to recommend it."


One-Time Payment

– Save $87 over the Payment Plan
– Instant, complete access to 12 full course modules
– Slides and MP3s of each video
– Worksheets, templates, and bonuses
– All future updates
– Risk-free guarantee

Add to Cart
Easy Payment Plan
12 Monthly Payments

– Convenient monthly payments
– Instant, complete access to 12 full course modules
– Slides and MP3s of each video
– Worksheets, templates, and bonuses
– All future updates
– Risk-free guarantee

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