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  • Catrina T says:

    Why BookFunnel over linking via Dropbox or Drive?

  • Lawrence M says:

    I’m a little confused about how InstaFreebie works. I am planning to give away the first 35,000 words of one of my books. Do I create a “new” title and upload the epub & mobi?

    • Hey Lawrence. You definitely could do that. Maybe your new title could be something very similar to what you have or just (what you have) The First Part… or something like that. You’d upload an epub, a mobi, and a cover.

  • Gayle K says:

    Hi Bryan,

    I have 4 different books (dealing with difficult people, how to be happy at work, whether to have a baby or not, building a good romantic relationship) in the nonfiction/self-help genre and each of them has a separate lead magnet/freebie (a worksheet, 2 checklists, and 1 quiz).

    Do I need to create 4 different email lists and 4 different landing pages (which will be overwhelming) or can I create 1 general self-help series email list and landing page to keep things simple? Ideally, I was thinking that I could bundle them all together in 1 PDF for simplicity because the one common thread amongst them all is that each is a practical, no-nonsense guide to getting through a tough situation.

    Right now all 4 of the freebies are listed separately in the initial/immediate email that goes out to subscribers (along with a line or two of instruction on each), but I’m honestly not sure what’s best.

    I like the idea that people who sign up for one book freebie get exposed to all of my book freebies and, as long as I’m clear about it, they shouldn’t be confused about which freebie is the one they requested.

    I hope you can help me with this dilemma. 🙂


    • Scott G says:

      Start with a single list Gayle. Then, you could offer them freebies that correspond to each book. If they take that “bait,” them move them to a list (segment) you create for that book. You can customize your marketing messages to more closely match their interest – always remembering to occasionally mention your other books, in case their interests change, or they grow into general fans of your work.

      Just my two cents.

  • The funnel will help with converting those folks, Melissa :). I think Rebecca’s getting a bit of a smear campaign against her right now, but she’s done some incredible work for the author community. It’s unfortunate to see these petty battles out there. Wish we could just all get along in this community :). Thanks!

  • Vanda W says:

    I’m really not sure which way to go with this. I can give three chapters from my next book that will be out soon. I really, don’t see why people would want that, especially if they don’t know me as a writer. I have a play I can try making over into a novella. This would at least tap the same niche; however, it takes place in 1620 and a lot of people do not like going that far back. Then I have another unfinished novel, but that would be for a different niche and would not please niche I’ve been developing. Any suggestions on getting out of this confusion and figure of these might be an effective lead magnet?

    • I think having something as related as possible to the book you want to sell is the way to go. For instance, I have a series prequel for my superhero series. If you’re trying to sell a certain book, maybe a prequel to that or a spinoff story from that. If you have a choice between more related and less related, go with more! Hope that’s helpful.

  • Lilly B says:

    Hi Bryan, Question. When you did your Snow White magnet, was it inserted into a main book or was it just out there on its own to attract subscribers for other books in the future?

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