How to Write Effective Emails

How an automated marketing sequence of emails can grow all of your future launches.

How to Write Email Subject Lines

How to hook readers right away with effective subject lines.

How to Apply the Personal Email System

How to write a personal email that gets readers to leave reviews and buy more books.

Email Examples

How I write my emails to fiction and nonfiction readers.

How to Use Your Street Team

How to best use a Street Team to get more reviews and sales.

Writing Emails Beyond Your Sequence

How to maintain engagement with your readers even when you don't have new books.

  • Gayle K says:

    Hi Bryan,

    When you send out the Street Team email #5, do you need to set up a separate landing page and email list?

    Also, for email #7, where is the best place to survey them (SurveyMonkey?) and what questions do you ask to make the survey worthwhile? And, do you have to set up a sweepstakes where you give a prize away every month? It makes the process more cumbersome and it’s an additional cost I can’t afford right now. 🙁


    • Hey Gayle! Correct, you create a separate mailing list and landing page. For email #7, you can use SurveyMonkey or even something as simple (and free) as Google Forms. You definitely don’t have to do a prize every month. I’d say once every three months is a good way to keep people excited.

      • Gayle K says:

        What questions do you ask to make the survey worthwhile?

        • The #1 question you can ask with nonfiction is, “What is the #1 thing you struggle with related to (blank)?” Knowing the answer to this question will tell you what your audience is actually looking for content-wise. Then you can write and create content (like courses or podcasts) that cater to answering that question! Asking that question helped me create Selling for Authors.

  • Peter T says:

    Great content, but the email sequence is all aimed at authors with books that are already out. My goal is to build an email list in the months prior to launch. I know the same rules apply, but what can you do to get engaged and excited if there is no product out yet?

    • Great question, Peter! I believe only slight tweaks are needed. Your goal is to get readers INVESTED in what’s coming. Give them a say in parts of the marketing (like the blurb). Show them excerpts. Show them the cover. Make them feel like they’re as much a part of the launch as you are. Instead of pitching them the book in Email 4, give them some reveals. Otherwise, I think you can keep the sequence pretty close to the same until you have your book launched. Let me know if that makes sense. Thanks!

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