How to Write Headlines

How using stronger hooks can revolutionize your author business.

How to Write a Strong Hook

Four methods for writing headlines that get readers invested in your book.

Examples of Headlines

Dozens of headline examples in a variety of genres.

  • Scott G says:

    Are hook headlines the gateway drug to clickbait? Find out what these people said.

    Hehe. Seriously, the concept of clickbait-y, spammy headlines is an important topic. My personal feeling is that you want to make your headlines intriguing but not spammy or “fake news”-ish. Once you get up close to that line, sometimes it’s hard not to cross over.

  • Ronda D says:

    I just invented a new word based on your teaching: lucreative – lucrative + creative.

    Great teaching. Cadence is key. II should be able to hear the book trailer audio talent in my head. even read my whole book aloud in the editing phase.

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